Here you will find a wide array of various video solutions that I have produced over the past 10 years. I handle everything from editing, writing scripts, directing, acting as a speaker or host, filming, and creating animations. Sometimes I have collaborated with others, while other times, I have been a one-man army, depending on the budget and the size of the production.

Attention-Grabbing Videos

One of my key strengths is creating videos that perform well on social media. At Vid&Sans, I have created numerous teaser videos, with the aim of using the videos to sell a product. In this instance, the product was a series of articles that needed traffic. By combining press clips, self-recorded footage, and stock videos, we crafted an engaging narrative to frame the article series.

The two showcased videos have, combined, received over half a million views on social media. They ensured that the article series was the most-read content on during the campaign period.

Quick Videos for Social Media

Sometimes, you need to move quickly and produce lots of video content that still grabs attention. I have developed video concepts for Illustreret Videnskab, which are still being used today. The best example is from Vid&Sans, where I was tasked with promoting their podcast universe ‘Tænketanken’. The video resources were limited, so I created a format that could be produced in just a few hours for social media. It consisted of selecting an audio clip from the podcast that would do well on social media and pairing it with a suitable, serene stock video, along with graphics I developed myself. Despite the simple production, some videos became incredibly popular. Moreover, they could be made by a student assistant.

Video Journalism

Another area I can contribute to is video journalism. The content here is journalistic, even though the storytelling format may vary. I have contributed to news bulletins in TV-avisen as an editor. However, my most hands-on work, involving scriptwriting, filming, and editing, can be seen in this small selection of videos, each successful in its own way.

The first video is for the now-defunct youth media Spektrum, where I produced multiple videos about hacking and internet behavior for young people. I was involved in the entire process, from concept to script, filming, and editing.

The video I produced for was the most viewed video ever on their site at that time (I don’t know if the record has been beaten). Here, I created the script, graphics, and filming. The video was, however, supplemented with a few stock videos.

Graphics and Animations

My work isn’t limited to purely pictorial narratives. I can also create small graphics and 3D animations. Here is a selection that has been used both on Vid&Sans and for other, smaller productions.

Business and Case Videos

What started my career in video was 10 years ago when I produced case and product videos for HydroSystems. I have compiled a selection of some of the oldest videos, where I personally filmed, edited, and even voiced the videos. They were great back then. Today, I would probably have done things differently.